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We are a highly trained team in helping homeowners keep their homes

Our first priority is to educate homeowners on the hard reality of forclosures.  In New York, Suffolk County is No. 1 in foreclsoures, Nassau County is No. 5.  This is not a proud statistic to share yet a real one of fact.  We are available to meet with you one on one to discuss your questions or concerns. 


I'm Keeping My Home, Inc. offers FREE Foreclosure Prevention Clinics educating homeowners on preventing foreclosure.  Clinics offer strategies, savings plans, statistics, testimonials and an affective plan.  Join our Foreclosure Prevention Clinics to learn more about never being faced with foreclosure.  These clinics are free and informative by staff with over 20 years experience.  


If you would like to host a FREE Foreclosure Prevention Clinic at your organization, church or business - please contact our Director of  Business Development,
Alicia Figueras-Lambert 631-741-5616

Call for ZOOM invitation  ~

Our second priority is to offer referrals to assist the homeowner in his or her journey to save their home.  We are a not for profit organization to help communities know their rights and options.  Don't fall into these statistics.  Get the knowledge that will armor you during your enjoyable years in your home.  Why?  Because you have made a 20-30 year commitment to enjoy the roof over your head,
so let's protect it.  

Our Services

One on One Education

FREE Foreclsoure Prevention Clinics


One on One Education

FREE Foreclosure Prevention Clinics

These Are the Little Reasons Why People are Keeping Their Homes




“We are so grateful for the information you provided us because my only option was to move south and I have all my familhy and ties right her in New York.  Thank you so much!"

B. Johnson

" You gave me good nights of sleep..  Thank you for keeping your word.  I admire a busines with intgrity."

S. Herman

"Thank you for educating me on foreclosure. We were close, and are now on a better track.  My family is very happy!"


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